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Question   Nikon digital camera to upgrade to?
I have a Nikon Coolpix 885 and I want to upgrade to a higher end digital Nikon. I have been looking at the Nikon D70 as well as the Nikon 8400,8700, and the 8800. I do not want to have to spend and arm and a leg to upgrade. Can anyone out there shed some light on which of these models of digital Nikons may suit my needs.

I want a camera that I can have control over the operation of it from focus through shutter speed selection and apature selection as well. I like the idea of one that you can interchange lenses with like the D70 but can I get similar results with a fixed lens like on the 8000 series that Nikon has to offer.

I am open to any and all suggestions.

Thank You

Nick Boren

- Nick Boren February 27, 2005

  Answer Hiya Nick,

I was in your boat bout a year ago... I was looking to upgrade a nikon coolpix 8800..

First off I would make the suggestion to move into a Digital SLR... especially if you want that kind of control over your shots...

Secondly, I would look at Canon and Nikon... I would stick with Nikon if you have any lenses currently with Nikon but if not look hard at Canon.. I made the jump and am pleased with it...

Let me know how it turns out...


- Gregory J. Sobotka  December 02, 2005

  Answer I have researched the Fuji S9000 Digital Camera and found very positive reviews and customer satisfaction. I purchased one myself now, and find it a very good camera for the 549.00 I spent. Not a Digital SLR, but a good upgrade from a simple P&S. Higher MP and more control. With a 1GB Lexar card, it works great.

- Robert F. Walker  October 07, 2006

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Question   borders and frames
There are many popular image-manipulation programs available now days. I would love
to have some information about programs that have built in templates or guided activitis with dozens of different borders and frames.
Any suggestions?
Thanks so much,
Monique M.

-  October 04, 2004

  Answer The best one in my opinion is Photoshop Elements. It has so much to offer for a relatively inexpensive price. You might enjoy the Recipes and filter features in particular, as they guide you through many cool effects.

- Jim Miotke  October 06, 2004

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Question   Beach Photos
I take photos of couples on the beach after they have their wedding ceremony. I have a Sony 828 and have just ordered a Canon Mk11. What settings should I use? Often they are pixelated and blown out.

-  August 31, 2004

  Answer Hi there,

Unfortunately, there are too many answers to this question. I really wish I could help but the settings will vary depending on a variety of conditions. I would recommend that you take one of my courses or get a good book.

- Jim Miotke  September 18, 2004

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Question   Newbie
Hi I'm Jill and I too am extremly new to photograhpy. I have always enjoyed taking snapshots of people and places in my travels, however I have never had any formal instruction in photography. I especially enjoy taking photos of children, so much so, that I hope to make a career out of it. I just don't know where to start. Any suggestions?

- Jill H. Oldfield March 01, 2004

  Answer Hi Jill-

I recommend taking one of the online courses offered at betterphoto.com. I have taken several myself and they are amazing. The assingments are really creative and helpful as are the instructors.


- Shannon Deniz  March 19, 2004

  Answer Thanks, Shannon. Yes, I have to agree - even if I was not biased, the courses are really excellent. Also, there are several free articles and tips at BetterPhoto.com, if you would like to stick your toe in the water before diving into the deep end.

- Jim Miotke  September 18, 2004

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Question   Very new!
Hi I'm Niki and extremly new to photograhpy. I started entering my son in online photo contest and I'm hooked on taking pics. I really want to get started in some serious childrens photography. How should I get started? Any tips?

-  February 10, 2004

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Question   Answers! =)
I have some of the same questions others have asked; such as the best format to download images to website, maintaining website, etc.. so how may I see your previous responses Jim?

Kind Regards,

-  January 13, 2004

  Answer I build and promote websites. I use photoshop 6 and 7 for image manipulation and saving of files. Save your images as jpegs size 4x6 72dpi for your web pages. This way they load fast and still have good quality on web. Dennis P S if you cant afford photoshop at this time try picture it or paint pro they are more reasonable.

-  September 02, 2004

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Question   light meter
As a passionate "novice" I am having a terrible time with indoor shots. I have been diligent in the trial and error approach but mostly just have error.
Would a light meter help me with my settings? How much information does it provide?

- Janae L. Runyon December 31, 2003

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Question   About the digital camera
I want to buy a digital camera that can shot in manual setting (manual aperture, focus, and so on...), and with a great result in resolution. colud you tell me what type of camera should I buy? and my budget is only about 400-500 US$.

-  November 06, 2003

  Answer Well, Anggera, it has been a few months and perhaps you have already found a camera, but in the event you haven't, I would recommend the Canon G5. It has been discontinued by Canon to make way for a newer model, and I recently bought one for under $500. (US) They have generally sold for around $700-800. Resolution is great, with 5 mp, it has all the manual control you would have on an SLR, shoots RAW as well as high res JPG images, and has a hot shoe for external flash. And I LOVE the LCD screen that flips out and rotates-- great for seeing what you're doing when shooting from what would ordinarily require awkward positions.

- jean ray  April 18, 2004

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Question   nature photography and flashes
I have many wildlife shots and on occasion my flash has come on.Some of the results are quite stunning and colorful.I have been told that these are less marketable.What do you think?

-  October 14, 2003

  Answer It all depends on what you want to acheive. Yes, I have to agree, photo buyers will not like harsh background shadows, Red eye and over flashed wildlife images. But that goes without saying. I use fill flash to add texture to an animals coat or to give the eyes that little bit extra. I never use harsh flash that looks abvious. By fitting a defuser to you flash unit harsh shadows can be softened. Also two or more flash units work better than one. Your flash on the camera should not be sitting on the hot shoe attachment, this direct route will gaurentee red eye and shadows that fall directly behind your subject. Have your main flash off to one side to prevent this. Then fix another flash above or to the side (in a tree or on a wall say?) to fill in the background and soften the shadow created by the first flash. Good luck!

-  June 02, 2004

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Question   Which camera
What type of camera do you use for studio work? When do you use digital?
Will digital ever take place over film and what about the archival on digital prints?

-  May 15, 2003

  Answer I use a Nikon coolpix 800 Digital Camera. It's the only one I have. I don't think digital will take the place over film but it will come very close as it is improved. The archival on digital depends on several things. Good quality paper and ink. Also the printer is important.It's life is yet to be known. I was a professional model when color came out and the ones I have of myself have faded.Hope digital lasts a long time.

- Alyce H. Clifford  June 10, 2003

  Answer The nice thing about digital, Alyce, is that a computer file is very archival. As long as the image file is kept intact, it will never fade. You can simply print it off again when the paper print fades. However (and this is a big however), the problem with digital is that the technology changes too fast. So you have to be careful and make sure that the media you use to doesn't become obsolete. CD-ROMs seem for the moment to be here to stay but, who knows, perhaps everyone will be using DVDs in the next few years. If and when that happens, I will be copying over all my files to the new format so my images remain truly archival.

Val, I use a Canon D30 and a Canon Elan both for studio and on-location work.

Thank you both for you comments.

- Jim Miotke  July 12, 2003

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Question   flash meter
Do you use a external flash meter? If so, is it for inside or outside use or both?

-  May 07, 2003

  Answer Hi Val,
No, I usually do not use an external flash meter. The only times I do use one is when I am doing studio work indoors with a whole external lighting set up.

- Jim Miotke  May 07, 2003

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Question   Nikon 5700
I am interested in taking great photos like what you had in your gallery. I am impressed by your photo shooting skills.

Bought your beginner book on photography. Still waiting for the book to reach me in Singapore.

I saw most professionals use external flash. Do I really need an external flash in order to take good pictures?

-  September 04, 2002

  Answer Hi Kok Mun,

Sorry, I just now saw your question here. You did get the book now, I hope ;)

I really do recommend external flash units - I find the results remarkably better than on-camera flashes.

Happy Holidays!

- Jim Miotke  December 25, 2002

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