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I want to buy a digital camera that can shot in manual setting (manual aperture, focus, and so on...), and with a great result in resolution. colud you tell me what type of camera should I buy? and my budget is only about 400-500 US$. Previous Response:
from jean ray
on April 18, 2004
 Well, Anggera, it has been a few months and perhaps you have already found a camera, but in the event you haven't, I would recommend the Canon G5. It has been discontinued by Canon to make way for a newer model, and I recently bought one for under $500. (US) They have generally sold for around $700-800. Resolution is great, with 5 mp, it has all the manual control you would have on an SLR, shoots RAW as well as high res JPG images, and has a hot shoe for external flash. And I LOVE the LCD screen that flips out and rotates-- great for seeing what you're doing when shooting from what would ordinarily require awkward positions. 

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