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Question   Beautiful
I love your work. You are incredible. Amazing. Take care, good buddy.

- James a. Miotke May 06, 2020

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Question   Adventures in Photography dvd
Just got through watching your Digital Photography Unleashed: "Capturing Wildly Great Pictures" dvd. Truly a wonderful and informational dvd. I found three photography dvd's at my local library and yours was exceptional. I didn't even get through the others. They were generic and boring. Great job!

- Anna Villarreal Garbis January 23, 2010

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Question   Merry Christmas Jim!
I wanted to stop by to say "Hello"! Thank you for all you do!!! I love BetterPhoto!!!

It was a pleasure to meet you and your wife at the San Diego Summit. Keep up the inspirational work!!!

Happy Holidays,


- Donna La Mattino Pagakis December 24, 2009

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Question   Your book...."Digital Photography"
Jim....I am considering using this book as a text in my beginning high school digital photography courses...Are there any supplimental resources that might come with the purchase of these book? Any preferred suppliers or discounts. Any other advice or aid to using this book in the course etc. Thanks a lot...I really like what I've seen of the book etc. Pete Baglia

- Peter Baglia November 11, 2009

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Question   Thanks for BetterPhoto.com
I owe so much to BetterPhoto.com! Thanks to you, I now have my photos online and you make it so easy to do! One day soon, I hope to get the Pro BetterPhoto website. Thanks again!


- Beverly Bogart September 20, 2009

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Question   Question.
hey jim...neat pics you got....amazing....wanna ask you somethng.
i currently own a nikon coolpix L18 model its good but not better..
i am thinking of buying a better one which ha s a whole lot of features..can you suggest me some!plz help me out.
and how do you get those effects is it photoshop?

-  November 12, 2008

  Answer Hi Varun,

Sorry for the delay. I unfortunately don't have much time these days to recommend gear and such. But in the Reviews section at BetterPhoto, there is a Digital Camera Calculator that I designed and several other features that should help you find your best next camera. Also try the BetterPhoto Q&A.

- Jim Miotke  December 06, 2008

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Question   Mystery Canyon shot
That is just south of Page AZ and the Glen Canyon Dam in the Glen Canyon Canyon Recreation area. I assume then it would be "Glen Canyon. Nice shot. It had that look of the SW canyon area. Google maps rocks. (no pun intended)

- James Kirk October 03, 2008

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Question   A Book Cover
How do I go about using your photo on the cover of my new book.? Darlene

- Darlene Rubinoff September 22, 2008

  Answer Hi Darlene,

Can you please email me with the PhotoID # of the picture you would like to use? Sorry for the delay... you can contact me using the Contact page above.

- Jim Miotke  December 06, 2008

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Question   Triple D Wildlife shoot Yosemite
Hi Jim:)
Just wanted to say hello and to let you know it took some time to find the right market (and in some ways the market found me).
Anyway one of my lofter goals was that the wildlife shoot would eventually pay for itself and that if coming to realization. You suggestion about "Cougar Rock" which I renamed "Touch Down" was invaluable. You defintenly qualify as a muse!
I had West Coast Imaging print "Touch Down" and one of my fox images on Metalic paper and the results are stunning. A tricky medium and the paper if fragile to handling but for certain images it makes all the difference.
THANK YOU AND THE BETTER PHOTO TEAM SO MUCH! Of all the resources I have been a part of, Better Photo is without a doubt the most invaluable!
Hugs & Carrots,

- Zita A. Strother September 06, 2008

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Question   Scripture Photos
Hi Jim,
I just looked at your gallery of scripture photos. What a joy to see God's word juxtaposed against your beautiful photographs. I have taken 6 courses at betterphoto and have learned so much from them. What a great group of instructors!!

Teri Witt

- Theresa L. Witt August 05, 2008

  Answer cool site

- Rob Miller  January 31, 2011

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Question   matted pictures
Please explain what you mean about matted.

- DENNIS E. GRANZOW June 19, 2008

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Question   Guide Book - lens question
Hi Jim. Your BetterPhoto Guide to DP is great for a beginner like me. Many of the images in the book say shot with "28-105mm" lens.

Is that the Canon 28-105mm f/3.5-4.5 II USM lens? I ask because I have that lens and want to try the settings you used.

But I saw one image in the book that listed "28-105mm at f/2.8" and my lens won't do f/2.8.

Thanks again and the book is SO helpful, especially on composition for a beginner.

-  April 13, 2008

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Question   same name!!!

My name is Nick Miotke, I am also a photographer as well as a videographer in Michigan. Kinda wierd!! thats all I got....

-  January 27, 2008

  Answer Hi Nick - glad to meet a fellow Miotke. Our name is certainly not the most usual.

I pronounce it "Mot-key". How about you?

- Jim Miotke  March 26, 2008

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Question   having sony dsc
I am having sony dsc-h1,for close up shot give me suggestion,till now I am not satiesfied with result.visit ur gallery and inspiring excellent nature shot really awesome.

- Milan Banik January 27, 2006

  Answer Thanks very much Milan. I appreciate that. Hang in there with shooting macro... it's gets better the more you practice. Also use a tripod for sure.

- Jim Miotke  February 18, 2006

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Question   studio lighting
I have been looking at umbrellas and lights for a while but just didn't have the extra money to get any. A man in our town closed his studio some years earlier I called him to ask him about some lighting and he gave me two umbrellas to try with my camera. They are about 30 plus years old. He said he wanted 100 dollars for it. I have a Canon Rebel G and a Sony Cybershot 5.1 digital. They don't have a port to use the lighting. I was given an old Canon TX it has a port in the front that fits. I guess my question is can I get some type of adapter to fit my newer cameras or do I need to give this back to him and save up and buy some lighting. The only name I see on the stands is Norman Enterprises,Inc.

-  January 10, 2006

  Answer Good question. I am sure the lights he is offering you would be acceptable and would work for you fine, however the nice thing about the newer ones is they can sink up with your digital cameras and most are self cooling, a big plus I think. You can also purchase lighting kits now for a pretty reasonable price. $100 is a great price but again, they are older. Either way I think you would do fine it just depends on what you would like in the long run. If you can visit BetterPhoto's forum pages where this type of question has been asked, here is a link to one such question: http://www.betterphoto.com/forms/qnaDetail.asp?threadID=20855 Hope this helps.

- Jim Miotke  February 16, 2006

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Question   lenses
Hi Jim,

Great website. Love your wild animal images. May I ask what lenses you used for those photos?

Thank you,

- Michele Wassell January 08, 2006

  Answer Hi Michele,

They vary but I tend to rely on two lenses the most:

  • 28-135mm when I want to include more of the environment
  • 100-400mm when I want a tight portrait or when the animals are distant
  • and occasionally the 16mm end of my 16-35 when I want to create fun distorted portraits.


- Jim Miotke  February 18, 2006

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Question   Your Camera??
Hi Jim,
What kind of digital camera are you currently using? I'm considering getting a very nice digital SLR camera, but would like some input from a professional before making my purchase. What do you suggest? My husband has told me I can get what I want. Please help. Thanks, Kim

-  December 22, 2005

  Answer Hi Kim,
Thank you for visiting my site.
Currently I am using a Canon 5D but that is a very recent purchase. I have and still use my Canon 20D which is an excellent camera. They both are great choices, it just depends on what exactly you will be shooting and what you plan to do with your prints, but either one is a great choice in my opinion.

- Jim Miotke  December 22, 2005

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Question   Book Signing
Hi Jim,

It was nice to meet you at Glazer's camera this past weekend. Thanks for answering my many questions my Dad and I had. Did you ever check out my gallery? Hope to be able to attend one of your coming book talks.

- Diane Cramer November 14, 2005

  Answer Hi Diane, it was really nice to meet you and John. I am in a far-away land right now but did just now enjoy looking through your BetterPhoto gallery. You have a good eye for composition. I love the striking crew images, as well as many where you place the subject off-center in a creative and interesting way. Nice work!

- Jim Miotke  December 03, 2005

  Answer Cool site.

- Rob Miller  July 12, 2009

  Answer Thanks Rob! :)

- Jim Miotke  July 14, 2009

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Question   camera focus
is there a way to check if my new camera is takeing the best focus. if not how do you adjust for it

-  September 09, 2005

  Answer You can do tests to check for focus and clarity. I would take your camera into a photo lab for help - or contact the camera manufacturer. You can also ask about it in the BetterPhoto Q&A Forum, but if you do, include a lot more specific details so the respondants can best help you. Best wishes.

- Jim Miotke  December 03, 2005

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Question   EEK! - accidental deletion
downloaded pix from digital camera. while sorting and filing, inadvertently deleted some of the best!! Are they hiding somewhere in the computer where I can find them? (were NOT found in Recycle Bin) Used Dell Image Expert and Windows XP. Thank you, thank you for any help available.

-  July 03, 2005

  Answer You can often recover deleted images off of a memory card, using software that you'll find by searching "Data Recover" on the Web. You just have to make sure that you do not shoot more images on the card from which they were deleted. Once you shoot more photos, you cannot recover the previously deleted photos.

- Jim Miotke  December 03, 2005

  Answer Your a great Photographer my freidn,Love all your nice works...!

- Naseer Fedaee  April 22, 2008

  Answer Thanks very much! :)

- Jim Miotke  April 23, 2008

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