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from Diane Cramer Book Signing

Hi Jim,

It was nice to meet you at Glazer's camera this past weekend. Thanks for answering my many questions my Dad and I had. Did you ever check out my gallery? Hope to be able to attend one of your coming book talks.

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from Jim Miotke
on December 03, 2005
 Hi Diane, it was really nice to meet you and John. I am in a far-away land right now but did just now enjoy looking through your BetterPhoto gallery. You have a good eye for composition. I love the striking crew images, as well as many where you place the subject off-center in a creative and interesting way. Nice work! Previous Response:
on July 12, 2009
 Cool site. Previous Response:
from Jim Miotke
on July 14, 2009
 Thanks Rob! :) 

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