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from  EEK! - accidental deletion

downloaded pix from digital camera. while sorting and filing, inadvertently deleted some of the best!! Are they hiding somewhere in the computer where I can find them? (were NOT found in Recycle Bin) Used Dell Image Expert and Windows XP. Thank you, thank you for any help available.  Previous Response:
from Jim Miotke
on December 03, 2005
 You can often recover deleted images off of a memory card, using software that you'll find by searching "Data Recover" on the Web. You just have to make sure that you do not shoot more images on the card from which they were deleted. Once you shoot more photos, you cannot recover the previously deleted photos. Previous Response:
on April 22, 2008
 Your a great Photographer my freidn,Love all your nice works...! Previous Response:
from Jim Miotke
on April 23, 2008
 Thanks very much! :) 

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