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from Zita A. Strother Triple D Wildlife shoot Yosemite

Hi Jim:)
Just wanted to say hello and to let you know it took some time to find the right market (and in some ways the market found me).
Anyway one of my lofter goals was that the wildlife shoot would eventually pay for itself and that if coming to realization. You suggestion about "Cougar Rock" which I renamed "Touch Down" was invaluable. You defintenly qualify as a muse!
I had West Coast Imaging print "Touch Down" and one of my fox images on Metalic paper and the results are stunning. A tricky medium and the paper if fragile to handling but for certain images it makes all the difference.
THANK YOU AND THE BETTER PHOTO TEAM SO MUCH! Of all the resources I have been a part of, Better Photo is without a doubt the most invaluable!
Hugs & Carrots,

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