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I have been looking at umbrellas and lights for a while but just didn't have the extra money to get any. A man in our town closed his studio some years earlier I called him to ask him about some lighting and he gave me two umbrellas to try with my camera. They are about 30 plus years old. He said he wanted 100 dollars for it. I have a Canon Rebel G and a Sony Cybershot 5.1 digital. They don't have a port to use the lighting. I was given an old Canon TX it has a port in the front that fits. I guess my question is can I get some type of adapter to fit my newer cameras or do I need to give this back to him and save up and buy some lighting. The only name I see on the stands is Norman Enterprises,Inc. Previous Response:
from Jim Miotke
on February 16, 2006
 Good question. I am sure the lights he is offering you would be acceptable and would work for you fine, however the nice thing about the newer ones is they can sink up with your digital cameras and most are self cooling, a big plus I think. You can also purchase lighting kits now for a pretty reasonable price. $100 is a great price but again, they are older. Either way I think you would do fine it just depends on what you would like in the long run. If you can visit BetterPhoto's forum pages where this type of question has been asked, here is a link to one such question: Hope this helps. 

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