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What type of camera do you use for studio work? When do you use digital?
Will digital ever take place over film and what about the archival on digital prints? Previous Response:
from Alyce H. Clifford
on June 10, 2003
 I use a Nikon coolpix 800 Digital Camera. It's the only one I have. I don't think digital will take the place over film but it will come very close as it is improved. The archival on digital depends on several things. Good quality paper and ink. Also the printer is important.It's life is yet to be known. I was a professional model when color came out and the ones I have of myself have faded.Hope digital lasts a long time. Previous Response:
from Jim Miotke
on July 12, 2003
 The nice thing about digital, Alyce, is that a computer file is very archival. As long as the image file is kept intact, it will never fade. You can simply print it off again when the paper print fades. However (and this is a big however), the problem with digital is that the technology changes too fast. So you have to be careful and make sure that the media you use to doesn't become obsolete. CD-ROMs seem for the moment to be here to stay but, who knows, perhaps everyone will be using DVDs in the next few years. If and when that happens, I will be copying over all my files to the new format so my images remain truly archival.

Val, I use a Canon D30 and a Canon Elan both for studio and on-location work.

Thank you both for you comments. 

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