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from Nick Boren Nikon digital camera to upgrade to?

I have a Nikon Coolpix 885 and I want to upgrade to a higher end digital Nikon. I have been looking at the Nikon D70 as well as the Nikon 8400,8700, and the 8800. I do not want to have to spend and arm and a leg to upgrade. Can anyone out there shed some light on which of these models of digital Nikons may suit my needs.

I want a camera that I can have control over the operation of it from focus through shutter speed selection and apature selection as well. I like the idea of one that you can interchange lenses with like the D70 but can I get similar results with a fixed lens like on the 8000 series that Nikon has to offer.

I am open to any and all suggestions.

Thank You

Nick Boren Previous Response:
from Gregory J. Sobotka
on December 02, 2005
 Hiya Nick,

I was in your boat bout a year ago... I was looking to upgrade a nikon coolpix 8800..

First off I would make the suggestion to move into a Digital SLR... especially if you want that kind of control over your shots...

Secondly, I would look at Canon and Nikon... I would stick with Nikon if you have any lenses currently with Nikon but if not look hard at Canon.. I made the jump and am pleased with it...

Let me know how it turns out...

Greg Previous Response:
from Robert F. Walker
on October 07, 2006
 I have researched the Fuji S9000 Digital Camera and found very positive reviews and customer satisfaction. I purchased one myself now, and find it a very good camera for the 549.00 I spent. Not a Digital SLR, but a good upgrade from a simple P&S. Higher MP and more control. With a 1GB Lexar card, it works great. 

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