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from  nature photography and flashes

I have many wildlife shots and on occasion my flash has come on.Some of the results are quite stunning and colorful.I have been told that these are less marketable.What do you think? Previous Response:
on June 02, 2004
 It all depends on what you want to acheive. Yes, I have to agree, photo buyers will not like harsh background shadows, Red eye and over flashed wildlife images. But that goes without saying. I use fill flash to add texture to an animals coat or to give the eyes that little bit extra. I never use harsh flash that looks abvious. By fitting a defuser to you flash unit harsh shadows can be softened. Also two or more flash units work better than one. Your flash on the camera should not be sitting on the hot shoe attachment, this direct route will gaurentee red eye and shadows that fall directly behind your subject. Have your main flash off to one side to prevent this. Then fix another flash above or to the side (in a tree or on a wall say?) to fill in the background and soften the shadow created by the first flash. Good luck! 

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